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Title: Appleseed

Synonyms: Appleseed, Obuolio sėkla, بذرة التفاح,苹果核战记

Type: Film

Year: 17.04.2004

Category: Action, Cyborgs, Gunfights, Mecha, Piloted Robots, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi

Producers: Shirow Masamune, Geneon Entertainment, MBS, TBS, TOHO, TYO


Appleseed, a superb rendering Anime stories of manganese "Seishinsha" a magnificent Masmune Shirou in 3D animation. If you think you've seen a lot and you saw it, see it.

Compelling, dare to call it is a feeling that one experiences from the first scenes of animation. Entirely on 3D graphics objects supplemented by CEL-SHADING Anime character this film again shows that you can always achieve more when there is ambition, combined with artistry and classic story. Great mix, which will be lurking to the last breath seconds of the film. One word - wonderful.

Anime evolve in the distant future, which is expected as there are new world wars and almost all of Earth's crust is destroyed. Against the background of a deeply damaged and adverse living city is our main character. Elite soldier Dyunan Knut is a woman with a rare martial qualities that do not remain unnoticed. After being captured by E SWAT before it opens a new world for which she is suspected - the city Olimpus. This is a city that was built in order to prevent wars between people. Managed by a complex system for monitoring and controlling people. Genius decision to which we are scientists, is that all obstacles to become warriors, the people come out of their feelings. So men who want to live in peace have created a new race of people called Bioroidi. They in turn are different from people that can not fall in love and feel. Therefore no examination of love and hatred, can not create wars. In town Olimpus Bioroidite are 50% of the population and they are all related to I.M. (Intellectual Network), also called Gaya. She, along with seven elders hold over Olimpus management. Gaya is the result of intelligence and skills of thousands of scientists, but it remains a machine that also feels and only opportunity to assess both what is not, therefore, to decide. The work of the seven elders who are related to argue on issues that concern the future development of the city alone.

Bioroidi people and live in harmony, though he remains a man because of his emotions, which some considered excessive. Bioroidite else is that they can not play because of missing links in their genes. They were designed and created by Dr. Dzhiliyan that is hiding this missing link to the puzzle of "ideal world".

The story is rich, though not a revolution has many good sides who deserve to be assessed on merit. Unique and truly live performance rendering of the characters can be seen here at Anime directed by SORI, a CG head is Yasuhiro Otsuka (Yasuhiro Ohtsuka). The film is filled with wonderful scenes of which are capable only Japanese brains. Music layout dominated by dynamic digital sound, two words - on the spot.

Unique characters that we have seen them a thousand times, which we experienced what is not now in a different skin, but with the same unshakable character.

Knut Dyunan originally an ordinary soldier to teach his martial cleverest of his late father, Carl. Girl with a high capacity for self, it is a typical Anime hero - explosive, attractive and confident. As it is true that the real internal constitution of a hero is of course only when things go to extremes. What happens then he can know.

Brarias, the man with the iron body and spirit. Dyunan long he had been lovers, but after Brarias lost his body in the battle of North America are divided and no longer available. Only after two years found in Olimpus, but obviously things have changed. He is a man who is ready for all those who loved him and showed not a few times. Although it is hard and cold in temperament, not his kindness is not paid.

Hitomi is a girl bioroid. Although it is the elite in power, the bioroidite is allowed to control the people. Its job is to bring special people chosen from a list in Olimpus. Good, nice and Smiling in nature, typical bioroid who dreams to test human love, which can only read and hear. Its role is actually more important, but why really?

Appleseed is one of the other Anime screen time it deserves and, although it can be enchanted with the magic of manganese it is something fresh and varied. A new achievement in the genre thanks to the Anime and 3D animation CEL-SHADING. Although a full animated movie can not recreate the full content of the comics Masmune Shirou full of drama, action and love in the film were able to show them in a moderate dose. Land of the robot suits Meytovete have excellent design and sophisticated structure. Replete with stunning scenes, such as initial staff of krasivoizyashti battles between robot Meytove Land on a background of thousands of such survivor. I do not know if that was the series, perhaps it would be evenly distributed in the development of the plot and all the details on it. In one hours and forty-five minutes was collected so that the effect is more dynamic, perhaps too fast development. But live as neat and precise are the scenes, to a shining beauty of style and idea, something is lost. I do not know why after I made a strong impression that Anime is not my wish to see again, but only to transfer and so spectacular scenes. Perhaps this lack of precise thin nishta which makes some of the Anime film masterpiece forever. What causes the viewer to admires rezhisyorskata of work and review with delight and wide-eyed Anime dozens of times. I think this is the only serious shortcoming of this Anime. As I try to boast still hard to tell it to Hollywood namirisva little hamburger.