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The Animatrix

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Title: The Animatrix

Synonyms: Animatrica, Animatrix, Аніматриця

Type: OVA

Episodes: 9 (a film)

Year: 03.06.2003

Category: Action, Cyberpunk, Post-apocalyptic, SciFi, Virtual Reality

Producers: Studio 4°C, MADHOUSE


To start
Animatrix completed project of a whole associated with the world of the matrix. The relationship is such that a single episode of Anime is connected with others. Is not very appropriate to look only part of the whole Animatrix because everyone has their own message, which is included in the overall context of the matrix. Each episode has its own style of painting that emphasizes rezhisyorskata intervention. Various stories happened in the world of the matrix.

The last flight of Oziris
Director: Andy Jones (Andy Jones) Certainly, when first came out (one of the first) film created entirely with computer animation, namely Final Fantasy was not only hit me in the cinema. Decent his contemporary rival undoubtedly is "the last flight of Oziris. Yes, the progress of computer animation is a big rubber and people are increasingly living more realistic shadows, etc. This episode is inextricably linked to the Matrix: Reload. History it is that the ship belongs Oziris and see how the machines digging to Zion. Time to warn residents, while the ship is trying to get away from pursuing them machines, one must enter into the matrix and to leave a message. Julie is the person who risks to do so. And despite the ten-minute movie shows a victim mode, which is quite familiar to today's audience, which is used if someone dies at the end of a good film, it is gone for good cause. PPNO no exception in this respect. Although shown in a trivial way, it looks great. And the style of animation you like. Nablegnato meaning is what we live and what we want to die. Everyone chooses his own life and death. Bad choice there, only different. And everyone is fighting for his choice.

Second Renaissance Part 1
Director: Machir Maeda (Mahiro Maeda) In this episode of Animatrix and in the second part reveals the history of the matrix, how it all started. With prostovatiya but great animated style of painting is more coverage of more objects. Exposed to robots in the design stages are nice and pleasant. The story of the Matrix is that artificial intelligence created by people who used slave of its existence, has chosen an independent means of existence in their own home, called the city 01. But we humans zavedyahme Town of robots. Greedy people, they always were and will be, but that there is nothing wrong if there were not such that we are people who fight for their interests. This is something that makes us such as we live .... Created by us, claiming our robots ... ambassadors from 01 proposed projects for assistance, which was rejected by the people. If you can not have something we destruction. Thirst for knowledge that led us. Artificial intelligence who thinks but does not feel. Imperfection, which destroys us as if it can be.

Second Renaissance Part 2
Director: Machir Maeda (Mahiro Maeda) imperfection we have over. Tender over our full faith and energy bodies. Hardly has an epic battle in this second Renaissance. Declared war on humans and robots begin mass persecution of machines throughout the world. Only the robots in the 01 managed to survive and to create an army with which to defend themselves. Shows that for a man can not win war machines and artificial intelligence, they resort to plan, which destroys them. The man himself decided to end her life, even if not aware he was already doomed. Robots versus humans. Maybe in the distant future. A solution ... the only outcome that is left is called the Matrix. Live, but for what? Think but who know? We are the matrix and the matrix is us.

Director: Koje Morimoto (Koji Morimoto) This is something exclusive. Something so beautiful and deep, it is not often. In "Beyond" is something that no other Animatrists. The mystery and the idea of possible use of logical matrix. Children's joy and curiosity, the search for wonder in the new, the cat. The story here is about a girl who has lost his cat, and while it seeks a bug falls in the matrix. A house with extraordinary supernatural events. Wonderful atmosphere is complementary to the overall impact of lost feeling in Animatrix. This is a movie that smite hard, but do not know where or what it was. Or do not feel anything, if you view it as a machine or press for a few seconds pause at the end of the movie designed and puzzled. This is the episodes with the deep atmosphere for me.

Director: Peter Chung (Peter Chung) As I mentioned each differs in Anime style of drawing. This is a very special style (known in Aeon Flux), updated in Animatrix. Let me just make a choice. Let us convince even have a lie in uprightness. Cost you? Is it righteousness is a lie when we have it. Sometimes just no sense. Human nature has created to survive. That his goal is ambitsirana by the desire to join and to his country. We are uniting a strong and united, is the message of this part. Even once achieved this objective will be everlasting. The story is about a group of people who live in the land and outside the matrix. Decoy robots and having them included in the prisoner they established their micro-array, which is trying to imply a robotskoto aware that black spirit that keeps them slaves of the matrix is something wrong and they should be exempt from it. So the idea is to change the robots their thinking about the world in which they lived in painless ways. Successful experiments are of this group of people?

Detective story
Director: Shinichiro Uatanabi (Shinichiro Watanabe) seems you have to die for the truth? Cost you to know it and unrequited died with you? Nothing changed. Then why are you doing? Question. Searcher asked a man, and he answered thus: "It is important to know the truth, more important is to be pursued." And so it happened. Man is always looking and always looking. Style of painting is a nice pin-Ice predominantly black with light flashes of a world that episode is really beautiful. Although the world here in the matrix is slightly different, something like a mixture between the 70 years you 20c. and the future with plasma monitors. "Detective story" is a story about a man who lives in the matrix again. Worked as a private detective and gets task to find a hacker nickname Trinity. Detective search problem is difficult, even at times is impossible, but again he found TE. Find what? Truth, but it was so big that he had to pay the price of his life to know. "Let your sacrifice is not forgotten, let us seek and let none to search it." - Adding later searcher man.

Director: Yoshiyaki Kavadzhiri (Yoshiaki Kawajiri) I would say that this is one of the most detailed painted animatrichki. Not stunned to say the best or the coolest, because all nine rolls are unique in style of painting. Program is an evidence on the choice. If you make a decision it must be ours, for the moment in which we take him we knew what to do and nobody else should decide for us and impose their views. Even if we are wrong, this error will teach us not to repeat it. But if you ask me no wrong choice, only different. Story is developing a training simulation. Duo tries to persuade its partners in the idea that it is better to return to the matrix and live there without the risks to which they are exposed now. This episode teaches us of hardness and decision-making difficult decisions under pressure. Should never be in usamnyavame belief or if you do, it should not be attributed to someone else, but our sole discretion.

World record
Director: Takeshi Koike (Takeshi Koike) If trained thing of which I have dedicated my whole life, I certainly would give anything for him, even his life if necessary. Sport spirit and body, together with the will is so strong something one can ignore everything and to know the truth about the real world in which trusted. Your world. The world of man is always in demand. This will, which inspires courage and strength, faith, it is the source that strong demand and knowledge. The style in which it is drawn this episode is a dynamic and crucified as grotesque. Here is a story about a man with a strong will and the body manages to wake up from sleep matrix. To the physical capacity, he is aware of what the Matrix. Few people like him understand the existence of the matrix. To do this requires a strong intuition and sensitivity. But this man will win it all himself and realized what it is to be free. To able to run. Running for their freedom and the sense that it can.

Director: Shinichiro Uatanabe (Shinichiro Watanabe) and her will power. Power to choose, the courage to do it. This idea should be that have tried to imply our brothers in this episode. Drawn rapidly and almost grotesque, smudged everything that moves is not static, and the rest is more than alive. The question that torture is the guy "Why sleep when his world seems more real than when awake?" To know the truth, he must risk everything. The story is about a boy who feels the matrix, but do not understand. It plays an important role in the movie The Matrix: Reload and The Matrix: Revolutions. Feeling myself this guy is released only because of his strong believe that it is not alone. If I had such faith and such faith, I probably would do wonders.

As of the end:
Anime Animatrix is amazing. In each of the episodes is locked message to be seen from different viewpoints and to choose the most effective my pronunciation - namely, harmony. Anime of all ideas are related to man and his senses, without which it is nothing. Therefore, should any of our thought or feeling to enjoy and be glad that you feel.

Names of episodes:
1. Final Flight Of The Osiris
2. The Second Renaissance Part 1
3. The Second Renaissance Part 2
4. Kid `s Story
5. Program
6. World Record
7. Beyond
8. A Detective Story
9. Matriculated