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Angelic Layer

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Title: Angelic Layer

Alternative title: Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

Synonym: Battle Doll Angelic Layer

Type: Television Series

Episodes: 26

Year: 01.04.2001 to 30.09.2001

Category: Action, Comedy, School Life, Shounen

Producers: CLAMP, Dentsu, TV Tokyo, BONES


In the XXI century technology allows people to dress dolls, called "Angels" and cause them to fight through telepathy. Young Misaki was sent to Tokyo to live with his aunt. Go from the station, she sees Angelica Leyer on television. This is where people face one another on their "Angels". They are managed by their owners through headphones head. Misaki was shocked by the battle and before you knew it, Itschan - taking a libertine - and explains how things stand with Angelica Leyer. Thus Misaki begins to train to become the best in the game.

Episode Names:
1. How Do You Do? My Very Own Angel
2. Let`s Try Our Best, Hikaru! The First Fight
3. Who Are You? Misaki`s Heart-Pounding Lesson
4. The Day the Angel Descended
5. I Don`t Want to Lose! Please Believe in Hikaru
6. The Light-Speed Suzuka! Hatoko`s Declaration of Rivalry
7. Fight to the Limit... Misaki`s Last Chance
8. Misaki vs Misaki? The Dangerous Classmate
9. Sing Misaki! The Deus is an Idol
10. The Mean Sisters! And the Targeted Hikaru
11. The Match! Hikaru and Mao`s Real Fight
12. Misaki and Kotaru - The Two`s Exciting Date
13. The Pure White Buranshe - Kaede`s Smile
14. Never Give Up! And Then an Angel was Born
15. Shirahime vs Suzuka! The Ice Machine`s Secret
16. The Final Match! Hikaru`s Last Attack
17.  I Choose You! Misaki`s Chosen Person
18. Lots of Formidable Opponents! The Much Anticipated National Tournament
19. System Down? A Battle Onboard a Boat Amidst a Storm
20. The Enemy is Icchan? The Stuttering Second Match
21. The Summer Sea! Someone is in Love with Someone
22. Suddenly Alone Together - The Secret Double Date
23. Break into the Magical Wall! Misaki vs Ohjiro
24. Reach Out to Misaki! This Feeling is Over the Rainbow
25. Fateful Reunion - An Angel Soaked with Tears
26. Angels Wings! Pull Me and Hikaru Together