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Raimuiro Senkitan

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Raimuiro SenkitanTitle: Raimuiro Senkitan


Alternative: Lime-Colored History of War, Lime-iro Senkitan, Raimuro Senkitan, Lime Iro Senkitan

Type: TV Series

Episodes: 13 + 2

Year: 04.01.2003 - 29.03.2003

Genre: Ecchi, Mecha, Pantsu, Seinen

Producers: Elf, Soft Garage, Studio Hibari, Lantis, KSS


In the year 1904 or 37th of the Meiji era (somewhere in time zone of Sakura Taysen) Great Empire of Japan started to increase its national strength through the introduction of western culture and inventions in the country. At the other end of the world, the Russian Tsar wants to extend his domination of the East and hence started a war against Japan - events known as the Russo-Japanese War. The Japanese army, with a quick series of impressive wins, impress the world. The war ended with the fall of Port Arthur in Russian hands of the Japanese army. The story of this anime (based on a hentai game of Elf) starts when the Japanese army was ready to seize the port easily to form a training camp (called Tendai Genjo Gakuin) for women pilots of Hokkaido. Umakay Shintaro (Umakai Shintaro), a former diplomat who lived in Russia, was elected to lead the training. Although five girls (Sanada Momen, Honda Sarasa, Katou Asa, Fukushima Kinu, Kuroda Rinzu, Ichijouji Sumi), which are attached to him and "showered" him with love, his teacher's conscience makes him to prepare them for their secret mission.

OVA: 2 x 30 minutes: Tropical Island, heroes officially stop to repair warships Amanohara ... This is a reward given to girls rhyme military unit for their contribution in the battles. In the tomb Gogyo, during the festival Gogyo, they entertain, but constantly thinking about Shintaro. Imagining that marry him, their hearts stuck noisily ... After some time they hear a story of love, which is connected to the tomb Gogyo ...

Episode Names:

  1. The girl`s academy on the battleship
  2. Amanohara, weigh anchor!
  3. As A Soldier, And As A Teacher
  4. Detective Sarasa!?
  5. The other homeland
  6. The Peaceful Day Off
  7. A Thousand Paper Cranes
  8. I`m not afraid of bad luck!
  9. Little Step
  10. The Closed Heart
  11. Onii-chan Day
  12. The Last Class
  13. Victory Bell, Echo To The Future!
  • OVA 1. Love, Festival and Confession
  • OVA 2. Farewell Raimu, New Protector