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Platonic Chain

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Platonic ChainTitle: Platonic Chain


Type: TV Series

Year: 03.02.2004 - 18.05.2004

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Producers: ACiD FiLM

If God could tell you everything you want to know what you would like to know?

In the near future, technology has developed as expected. Videophone and wireless Internet connections are available to all. However, the Government has been recklessly and skillful attacker managed to break into the national archive information. Using data that are stored there, he created a Platonic Chain - a website that tells you everything about you and others: what you like and dislike, which means you use to get from one place to another and many others, and what his best in the world. For some random three young girls - Hitomi, Rica and Canada - manage to enter the site. Mysterious, yet realistic story.

Comments: Anime is a 3D CG. Episodes are not linked, but help to disentangle the overall idea of what is actually Platonic Chain. Some are interesting, some not. Pretty weird anime.

Episode Names:

  1. The Woman That`s Best in the World
  2. An Inevitable Couple
  3. Boyfriend Line-up
  4. An Analysis of Love at First Sight
  5. Igniting a Burnt Stick
  6. Detective vs. Spy
  7. Boyfriend Manufacturing Plant
  8. Digital God
  9. Sheltered Girl
  10. Present Exchange
  11. Confession Practice Test
  12. Christmas Curse
  13. Turn on the Lights
  14. Dress-Up Doll
  15. The Illusionary Sixteen Years
  16. Old Man Camera
  17. Time Machine
  18. Charisma Badge
  19. The Honor Student`s Secret
  20. A Girlfriend`s Memory
  21. The Chased-After Couple
  22. There are twelve of them! (First Half)
  23. There are twelve of them! (Second Half)
  24. A Detective Appears