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Ah! My Goddess TV

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Ah! My Goddess - TVTitle: Ah! My Goddess TV

Alternative Title: Aa! Megami-sama (2005)

Known as: AMG TV, OMG TV, amgtv, ams tv, amstv 

Type: TV Series, 24 Episodes

Year:  07.01.2005 to 08.07.2005

Genre: Angels, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Goddessess, Magic, Romance, Seinen, Sudden Girlfriend Appearance

Producers: Fujishima Kousuke, TBS, Bandai Visual, Kodansha, MEMORY-TECH, MOVIC, AIC, Imagine

The story begins with a young man typical loser (Editor: it is not a drinker, gambler, rake - is an engineer with a passion for competition, by those timid types, who live peacefully and die old) with no luck with women, which is left to receive calls in a car club (Editor: He is a member of the third in importance after the two managers and its best competitor). As a coincidence, one billion, it dials a random number that appears like a line of desires (Editor: in fact tried to order pizza over the phone) and he hits the number of the Heaven. 
Now is the time to explain that this story Paradise and Hell act as corporations that share its monopoly on wishes. They serve many worlds, not just Earth, so have many phones such as technical support. Of course, not everyone can benefit from them. While hell is enough to give part of my soul - they may want it, but part is proportional to the desire - they want to Eden to respond to clamp conditions and have very good luck. In this corporate war there is only one rule - do not kill each other goddesses and demons. This is due to a system of shared life, which makes it impossible. This, of course, does not make race less exciting or dangerous - they still exiled in a scale of 500 years is hardly a pleasant experience. Paradise and Hell used huge 'computer systems - rather than magic, but work like any other software that is problematic - to maintain its forces representatives. So our hero is called in heaven, and thus satisfies the condition of luck). So after him came the goddess Beldandi it he explains that he is entitled to a desire, to care what will be it. As expected, our hero starts to talk out loud and instead you wish to be such lousy money from his mouth "Will I always be a goddess like you to me (and mind has always goddess like you to fulfill my wishes)". And here starts the mess - his Almighty power forward very Beldandi always be there. So our hero with the goddess tries to live, but when the goddess has constantly with you, nothing is normal.

They begin to help others with their life problems, such as helping one of the auto club to get girl to girl, which is love. (Editor: actually each story is short and very funny, also serves as a background to the main story - between our man and goddess. Soon begin to come their strange visitors, as the sisters of Beldandi (Urd - a chemist, hash goddess, crazy in love with medicine and nursing, always ready to get another love opens to help, although they always have unpleasant consequences, and Skald - the little sister, a goddess with a small force, but genial mind, always line up machine impossible by actions; are her love and ice cream machines), each with its own mission, how to fix the situation on Earth. Do not forget the demons - their situation becomes especially fun and very rare throughout Manga events become really dramatic and dangerous. Most of the time is just a comedy). Briefly speaking, the two main characters change the lives of every face - a friend or acquaintance. You know what happens in some instances but otherwise the story is very good - even excellent. Will make you think about some things and I guarantee that after you pass all the views and the film (although it is quite trim) will become better people. 

Names of episodes:
1. You`re a Goddess!?
2. Ah! Can the one who believes be saved?
3. Ah! Studying, My Family, and a Goddess!
4. Ah! The Queen and the Goddess
5. Ah! Living under one roof!
6. Ah! Unexpectedly finding something blessed?
7. Ah! The Place to Express Your Feelings.
8. Ah! Taking an Examination of love, Starting with a Deviation Value of 30
9. Ah! The Queen and the Secret of the Goddess!
10. Ah! Can the Motor Club Win?
11. Ah! A Devil has Come and is Creating Calamity!
12. Ah! Weigh the Goddess and the Queen on a Balance?
13. Ah! Who does Onee-sama Belong To?
14. Ah! A Teaching Practice Called Showdown?
15. Ah! Captivated by a Goddess?
16. Ah! Catastrophe Comes with Rise of an Auspicious Sign?
17. Ah! What are Talent and Hard Work?
18. Ah! The Fated Confession Is Under the Moon?
19. Ah! Don`t Gaze At Me With Those Eyes?
20. Ah! Save the Goddess, If You`re a Man!?
21. Ah! What I Yearn For is a White-Winged Angel!
22. Ah! The Devil`s Whispering Accompanies a Pot?
23. Ah! The Savior, Together With the Sound of a Flute!?
24. Ah! Always With You