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Mai-HiMETitle: Mai-HiME

Alternative: Dancing Princess, Mai Hime, My Hime, My Princess

Type: TV Series

Episodes: 26

Year: 01.10.2004 - 01.04.2005

Category: Action, Comedy, Conspiracy, Love Polygon, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, Slapstick, Super Power, Tragedy

Producers: Yatate Hajime, Bandai Visual, Sunrise 

Mai Tokiha had just received a scholarship to Fuuka Academy, but will soon learn that the new school is not what it seems. Fuuka Academy is a place where girls are gathered HiME powers, and, Mai is just such a girl. HiMEs are fighting against mysterious creatures from another dimension called Orphans (Drugs) using the special forces (and guns) and their super-special guardian Child (child), quite strong creature. But not everyone in the school aware of the HiMEs, so those who have this power should hide in their normal daily lives. Mai-HiME is a good mix of comedy, romance and drama. Some episodes are completely and totally ridiculous, while others involve them more and more into the picture - what is the purpose of the HiMEs, and their evil Child Orphans? This story incorporates several romantic triangle.

1. A Girl`s Most Important Event
2. After-School Secrets
3. Dance of Flames / Star`s Oath
4. Mischief of the Wind
5. Rain - Tears...
6. The Passionate Age of 17
7. Lost Kittens
8. Precious Thing
9. The Sea, the Maidens, and Natsuki`s Secret
10. Cake Wars!!!
11. Dance of Light and Darkness
12. The Smile of an Angel
13. Night of the Tamayura
14. The Targeted Academy
15. A High School Girl Soars to the Heavens
16. Parade
17. Deceitful Lips
18. The Beginning
19. Labyrinth of the Heart
20. Dance of Flames / Tears of Destiny
21. The Obsidian Prince Awakens
22. Collapse...
23. Love and Friendship, Heartlessness
24. Love is a Battle
25. The Moment of Destiny
26. Shining Days