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Azumanga Daioh

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Azumanga DaiohTitle: Azumanga Daioh

Synonyms: Адзуманга Дайо, 阿滋漫画大王, あずまんが大王, AD, AzuDai, Azumanga, azu, Адзуманга, Азуманґа

Type: TV Series

Episodes: 26

Year: 09.04.2002 - 01.10.2002

Category: Comedy, Daily Life, High School, School Life, Seinen, Slapstick

Producers: GENCO, IMAGICA Entertainment, J.C.STAFF, Lantis, TV Tokyo Music






Azumanga anime is done with only one purpose, to be cute and funny. Frankly speaking audience, which was made somewhere around 12, but this does not preclude a fun for the older audience.  There is no main story, a whole series of unrelated young among themselves. Each episode is divided into 4 small events. The story follows 2 consecutive years of school life of a group of schoolgirls in a Japanese high school and their teachers - in English and Physical Education. (the other main reason why it was the view out of curiosity what exactly is the Japanese education system). All the characters in this anime are women, although half a class in composition they had male absent from history, even their names are not mentioned.

The anime is having a very good dialogue too, but the humor manages to appear in all 26 original episodes. Thus, it is time to acquaint you with the characters. Yukari is a teacher of English. She wanted a better job, but after failures began teaching in high school. Lives with her old friend, who teaches physical education at the same school, but unlike Yukari she loves his work. Both are lonely, already close to the 30 and any appropriate waiting to meet a man (of course it never comes to them as they want). Chio-chan is the daughter of rich parents who do not have time for it. She is only 10 years, but little genius, and ends up in class after parents and moved back from abroad in Japan and equivalency exams, it appears that already knows enough and missed 5 years goes directly from 5 to 10 grade. Tomo is the most garrulous, loud and energetic student in class, and most lazy with regard to learning. Osaka is a naive, constant slow-witted and attributed that constantly had suffered from strange visions of his classmates. Yomi is perfektsionistkata group. She constantly strives to have good grades and suffer from mania that is thick. Constantly tried diets and always bring order in the events as a symbolic leader. The last student is most interesting. She is the highest, most beautiful and always succeeded in everything without effort. It was awful shy and rarely speaks constantly worried because of the attention of others. Think about it the other intimidating and relate it with the Attention and Respect first, because I think of his idol, and because nobody was able to win the thing. Not that it tries to be always the best. But, of course, this is just shell it has a huge weakness for cats, but for some reason they all bite it, and parents and are allergic to cats.

The story follows the daily happenings in their school as the control, school activities and summer vacations. Generally around 10 and 11 class with the smallest details. But as I said everything is done incredibly fun, and although at first sight not seen how much fun can have 26 episodes in walking to school, the Japanese are once again surpassed themselves and created something from nothing in this completely original in every respect.

  1. A Child High School Student - A Genius - Scary? - Rampaging Tomo-chan - It`s an Osakan
  2. Today is Osaka again - PE Volleyball - Hiccup - Brain - Newbie
  3. Nyamo - Factional rivalry - Yukari showed up - It`s not my fault - Wherever we go
  4. Fun job - Pool Pool Pool - Ribbon - Just the two of us - A good person?
  5. Summer Vacation - Welcome To Chiyo`s Room - Invitation - From The Experienced - That`s Enough
  6. Equation Of Victory - Class 3`s Sakaki - Class 5`s Kagura - Show Them! - Yay! - Dancing Finale
  7. Class of Fairies - Man Of Character - Get Groovin` And Go! - Mascot - Enemy?
  8. Osaka`s First Dream Of The New Year - Tomo-chan`s Version - Sakaki`s Version - Welcome - Kaorin`s Version
  9. If You Don`t Let Go - 11 Years Old - Cat-san - Setup - Why?
  10. Draft Nominations - Change Of Classes - Wolf - Seniority Attitude On A Roll - Marco...
  11. International City - Competition - No Need To Hit - Full Of Cats - Don`t Escape
  12. Chiyo-chan`s day - High School Friends - Lunch - Afternoon - Jump Rope
  13. No Guard Strategy - S - Midterms - Formation - Ability
  14. Shopping - Meeting - Ocean! - Capture Operation - Adult World
  15. Kimura Family Members - Did you see? - Mystery Wife - Frozen - Concluding Announcement
  16. Combination - Descent - Cute - Order - Advertising Effect
  17. Osaka`s Scary Stories - Change of Feeling - December - Incredible Santa - Christmas Party
  18. Elated Yomi - Backstab - Excited Excited Excited - Left Out - Go
  19. Master of Yawning - Springtime of Youth - Adult Flower Watching - Child Flower Watching - Cherry Blossom
  20. Parting - Yukari`s Birthday - Fly to the Future, Chiyo ! - Child President - Live Strong Please
  21. Hope - I Just Couldn`t - Watery Grave - Dream Island - Mountain Cats
  22. Nice - Got Tricked - Kurosawa-sensei - Attempted - It`s Not Over Yet
  23. Chewed - Cheerleaders - I Didn`t Think - We`ll Run Together - United
  24. Career Path - Showdown - Lets Hurry - Popularity - Together with Maya
  25. Course Discussion - Pray for Success - Fight! - Study Session - Tomo and Osaka`s Day of Fate
  26. First Graduation - A Thousand Emotions - Sadness - Our Old School - Everyone