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Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

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Kareshi Kanojo no JijouTitle: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Synonyms: As razões dele, os motivos dela, His & Her Circumstances, KareKano, Las circunstancias de él y ella, С его стороны - с её стороны, 他和她的故事

Type: TV Series

Episodes: 26

Category: Comedy, High School, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slapstick

Producers: GAINAX, J.C.STAFF, Ganges, SoftX, TV Tokyo


Miyazawa Yukino is the epitome of vanity. She always wanted to be number one, to be the best in everything, to be praised and adored by all. But one day her world changed completely. In high school, she meets equivalent "enemy" - Arima Soujiro, which looks just as perfect and ideal as Yukino strives to be. But none of them is not what others see ... when Yukino come home, its facade of "ojousama" falls ... then appears true Miyazawa - the one with the hair band, track suit and sunglasses. Of course, Yukino is not the only one who has a secret, since Arima is not exactly the man to whom presents ...
In their desire to be number one at any price, Miyazawa Arima announced as his mortal enemy, but then he recognized her, that is in love with her ...


  1. ACT 1.0 Her Case
  2. ACT 2.0 Their Secret
  3. ACT 3.0 His Case
  4. ACT 4.0 Her Problem
  5. ACT 5.0 Days of Labyrinth / ACT 5.5 His Ambition
  6. ACT 6.0 Your Voice That Changes Me
  7. ACT 7.0 Their Separation
  8. ACT 8.0 A Big Day for Miyazawa Yukino / ACT 8.5 Under the Blooming Cherry Tree
  9. ACT 9.0 Atonement for a Moratorium
  10. ACT 10.0 It All Begins Now ...
  11. ACT 11.0 At the End of the First Semester / ACT 11.5 At the Beginning of Summer Vacation
  12. ACT 12.0 Where Is Happiness
  13. ACT 13.0 The Subjectivity of Happiness
  14. ACT 14.0 The Story So Far, Part 1 / ACT 14.3 The Story So Far, Part 2
  15. ACT 14.6 The Story So Far, Part 3 / ACT 15.0 The Things We See Beyond Voices
  16. ACT 16.0 A Line Stretching to Eternity
  17. ACT 17.0 His Return
  18. ACT 18.0 On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  19. ACT 19.0 14 Days, Part 1
  20. ACT 20.0 14 Days, Part 2
  21. ACT 21.0 14 Days, Part 3
  22. ACT 22.0 14 Days, Part 4
  23. ACT 23.0 14 Days, Part 5
  24. ACT 24.0 A Story Unlike What Has Gone Before, Part 1
  25. ACT 25.0 A Story Unlike What Has Gone Before, Part 2
  26. ACT 26.0 14 Days, Part 6