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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

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Title: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan

Synonyms: Beating Angel Dokuro-chan, Club-to-death Angel Dokuro-chan, El Ángel de la Maza Mortal Dokuro-chan,扑杀天使

Type: OVA

Episodes: 4

Year: 13.03.2005 to 22.09.2005

Category: Angels, Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy, Seinen, Slapstick, Violence, Violent retribution for accidental infringement

Producers: Geneon Entertainment, Media Works, Toshiba Entertainment, Nomad, Hal Film Maker


Meet the young, sexy and innocent Dokuro-chan, in particular Club-To-Death Angel Dokuro-chan ...... she is an angel from the future sent by God to kill Sakura-kun. The reason? The latter will create one days the technology for eternal life because of his kinky nature will succeed to stop the process of aging women, doomed to "stop" the development of its 12th year. So, Dokuro-chan must rescue mankind from hentai-her. But she decided to try to change the future without killing Sakura-kun, and zazhivyava in his house ...

The problem? Otherwise quiet life of the two main characters often shake out basis for the explosive temper of Dokuro-chan. Every time when angry, she beat to death Sakura-kun (and many others) with Excalibourg - special bat with creepers. Place but not to worry! Suffice Dokuro-chan to pronounce the magic words "Pipiru pipu pipu pipiru pi" and its victims are alive, if only to be killed again and again. But how will this idyll? Lord is determined to Strashnoto eliminate evil in the face of Sakura-kun ...

Opening Theme: "Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan" by Saeko Chiba
Ending Theme: "SURVIVE" by Saeko Chiba


Names of episodes:
1. It `s the Bludgeoning Angel! Dokuro-chan! / It `s the Assassin from the Future! Dokuro-chan!
2. It `s the Romantic Cupid! Dokuro-chan! / It `s New Cinema Paradise! Dokuro-chan!
3. Field Trip! Dokuro-chan / Test of Courage Dokuro-chan!
4. Zakuro-chan! Dokuro-chan! / Farewell! Dokuro-chan!